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Mini Electric Muscle Massager

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You do not want to miss out on this incredible product! The Mini Electric Muscle Massager is small, portable, & very quiet. Use it at work, when traveling, or any place you want! It's the perfect tool for relieving tense & stiff muscles.

Going to the massage therapist can get expensive and time consuming. The Mini Electric Muscle Massager allows you to work on sore muscles from the privacy of your home.

Right now, the Mini Electric Muscle Massager is on SALE!


  • Small size (only 14.2mm, 500g)
  • Convenient for daily use and traveling
  • Samsung Battery and Type C interface offer a quick charge: It adopts a 2500mAh lithium battery and supports Type-C fast charging. 10 minutes per day offers consistent 90-day use
  • Four Adjustable Levels of Speed: 1st speed level: 1300 rollers to wake-up muscle 2nd speed level: 1800 rollers to relax muscles 3rd speed level: 2500 rollers for lactate decomposition 4th speed level: 3300 rollers for a deep massage
  • Ultra-quiet technology: It adopts floating motor technology, which filters the vibration generated when the machine is running. The duplex bearing drive makes the machine run quieter but still puts out powerful vibrations.
  • Aero metal design makes this massage tool very lightweight
  • Comes with a storage case

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Mini Electric Muscle Massager


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5 reviews

Rachel Combs

Verified purchase

A very nice massager that gets the job done. My muscles feel great after using the Mini Electric Muscle Massager.


Lori Tempest

Verified purchase

I have this small area in my lower back that is always bothering me. I use the trigger point attachment on the massager for targeted relief. Works great!


Shawn Dugan

Verified purchase

I like to use the Mini Electric Muscle Massager after going to the gym. It soothes my tired muscles.


Larry W.

Verified purchase

My wife uses the Mini Electric Muscle Massager on my back muscles after I get home from a long day at work. It feels great.


Harmony Jones

Verified purchase

An excellent product that saves me a load of money because I no longer have to go to the massage therapist so frequently. Fast shipping and very affordable.