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Orthodontic Sleep Appliance

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Investing in the Orthodontic Sleep Appliance is one of the best things you can do for your smile!

Regular orthodontic braces only align your teeth, while Orthodontic Sleep Appliance puts even pressure throughout the whole jaw, resulting in better facial shape, defined cheekbones, jawline, closed gaps, and aligned teeth. Regular braces won't improve your breathing habits and facial aesthetics like our product can!

Right now, the Orthodontic Sleep Appliance is on SALE!


  • Universal Shape - Made out of flexible materials that accommodate different jaw sizes and teeth alignments. It provides a strong pressure memory that contracts and pushes teeth into a new position.
  • Quick Results - Improvements can be seen within a few months of wearing the appliance.

Different Stages:

  • D1 is soft, the first stage, use 1 – 3months.
  • D2 is moderate, the second stage, use 6 – 8 months.
  • D3 is hard, the third stage, use 5 – 8 months


Please consult with your doctor before using this, we are not responsible for any complications that may occur with your personal case. We cannot give you professional medical/dental advice.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Orthodontic Sleep Appliance


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5 reviews

Samantha Cleveland

Verified purchase

I am so happy that I purchased the Orthodontic Sleep Appliance. It works wonders! Plus, it is seriously affordable, especially since my insurance doesn't cover traditional braces.


Rachel Simms

Verified purchase

I cannot believe how much the Orthodontic Sleep Appliance has helped my crooked teeth! This product is backed by my dentist because it actually works.


Laura Teeterson

Verified purchase

Wow! What a different the Orthodontic Sleep Appliance has made in my smile. I can't be more thankful for this amazing product.


Paul White

Verified purchase

It took some time to get used to but once I started wearing the appliances my mouth quickly adjusted. I can say that I'm seeing results after a few months of wearing the device.


Calvin Jones

Verified purchase

The Orthodontic Sleep Appliance is just what I needed to help my teeth, jaw, and mouth come into perfect alignment. Thanks!