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Smart Eye Massager

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Got sore eyes? This Eye Massager has got you covered!

The amount of time you spend looking at a computer screen can put a lot of strain on your eyes. It's your eyes that do the hard work, especially in the Work-from-Home era. It's no surprise that if you spend all day staring at a screen, you'll develop painful eyes, migraines, tension headaches, stress, and eye fatigue - all of which are caused by eyes that aren't given the attention they deserve!

But don't be concerned! Our Eye Massager is made to look like goggles and is designed to provide you with immediate and long-lasting relaxation.

What does it help with?

  • Soothes Sore Eyes
  • Improves Relaxation & Sleep
  • Reduces Puffy Eyes
  • Eases Sinus Pressure
  • Relieves Tension Headaches

Tripe-Threat Technology

  • Uses three massage modes to pose a triple-threat to all eye-related problems.
  • Vibrations, acupressure and hot compress.
  • With this at your disposal, you're not going to seek other solutions anytime soon.

Package includes:

  • Smart Eye Massager
  • Instruction Manual
  • Fast-Charging USB Cable


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5 reviews

Virginia Hernandez

Verified purchase

Fantastic! To treat my migraines, I felt this would be better than a heated rice pad. I was right! The heat and massage relieved my migraine. My hubby says he never needed an eye massager until he used it!


Deborah Harkness

Verified purchase

Overall, they deliver on their promises. They do your face, eyes, and temples. The heating function is fantastic. It warms up quickly. There are several modes to choose from. The fact that you can couple it with your phone via Bluetooth sets it apart from other variants. They allow me to play my own music. Given what these do, battery life is excellent. The power button toggles between modes, so keep the handbook nearby until you understand the modes.


Michael Warner

Verified purchase

My mother, brother, niece, and patients all bought the identical eye massager. My brother can use the eye massager to relieve a headache and no longer has a “dry eye” problem. My niece has less headaches and my mother sleeps better.


Mildred Oster

Verified purchase

I've had it for a few days. Wow, this is fantastic. It's USB rechargeable, compact, light, and comfortable. As it employs air pressure, it's never too hard. The comforting heat and accompanying music will put you to sleep in minutes. I bought it for my wife, but I keep snatching it and using it. I had no clue you were so stressed. This massager is worth the money!


Roberta Moore

Verified purchase

I adore it. It provides all the features I wanted in a pain reliever for dry eyes and tension. Because I work from home, staring at a computer all day might create eye strain and weariness. Meow! Others may disagree. People's faces and foreheads differ. It feels like massages across my eyes. It reminds me of my eye doctor's lipiflow procedure. It relieves pressure and burns. There are 5 settings to choose from. The sole advise is to use it when lying down, as other reviewers have stated. Can be hard on the nose bridge. The vibrating sound is mildly annoying. I use it three times a day. It relaxes me and energizes me. Buy it, you won't regret it.