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You won't believe how easy this device makes putting your socks on!

No more bending! No more straining! No more struggling! The Sock Slider takes care of it all! We understand that some people have mobility limitations that prevent them from bending. These limitations can make the simplest task, like putting on socks, a major hassle.

The Sock Slider was designed to make your life easier by helping you put on your socks and shoes without the risk of injury. The Sock Slider is made to work with all kinds of socks, even compression hose. The device is compact, lightweight, and easy to transport.

The innovative handle works as a shoe horn! You can easily disassemble the device to fit into your luggage when traveling. The Sock Slider is great for expectant mothers and folks who have injuries.


  • Easily put your socks on or take them off without bending
  • Can be used with tight-fitting stockings like compression hose
  • Perfect for one-handed use
  • Cordless
  • Easy to store

HOW TO USE: Roll the cuff of your sock all the way down the Sock Slider with the heel-side down. With the sock in place and the toe near the top, lower the Sock Slider onto the floor using the handle. Carefully lower your foot into the open sock until it is completely inside. The handle can be used to keep the cradle of the Sock Slider in place.


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5 reviews

Marie Fitzgerald

Verified purchase

I recently had lower back surgery and find putting my socks on very difficult. The Sock Slider makes this simple task simple again!


Rhonda Palmer

Verified purchase

After having a total knee replacement, putting my socks and shoes on has become a great ordeal. My daughter got me the Sock Slider and it has changed my life. I know longer need my husband to put my socks and shoes on. What a wonderful device!


Tim Harper

Verified purchase

After a recent hip surgery, my mobility has been quite limited. Bending has been a challenge. The Sock Slider helps me keep my independence, which I love. This device is very easy to put together, too.


Chanda Deming

Verified purchase

I am in my 7th month of pregnancy with triplets. I can't even see my feet let alone try and put socks on! My husband bought me the Sock Slider Aid and now I can get my socks on myself, again!


Debi Dixon

Verified purchase

My grandpa was having a lot of trouble putting his socks on after his hip replacement. We got him the Sock Slider and he can easily put on and take off his socks, again.