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Waterproof Liquid Band Aid

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THIN & FLEXIBLE - The wound surface is covered with a super thin and flexible transparent dressing film that dries rapidly and keeps securely in place as a second skin.

SEALS AND PROTECTS - It can effectively seals water content, dust and bacteria from entering into any kinds of wound area, protecting the wound from infection.

WATERPROOF FORMULA - It can prevent water or other foreign particles from entering the wound during cooking, cleaning, swimming or other activities.

SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES - Non-allergenic and highly breathable, this material is safe and effective to use. It won't get in the way of skin ventilation or heat dissipation.

VERY CONVENIENT - It comes with a handy applicator brush that is easy to use and carry around. It's clear and colorless, so it goes unnoticed.


  • Skin Type: All Skin Types
  • Color: Clear
  • Net: 10 ml

How to Use:

  1. Wash and clean the wound first and apply liquid band aid upon the cut.
  2. Keep the cut together for 10-30 seconds to give the liquid enough time to dry.
  3. It is recommended to apply 2-3 times per use for best results.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Waterproof Liquid Band Aid


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5 reviews

Jason Phillip

Verified purchase

This is something I haven't had to use yet. But that is my first-aid kit in case we need it. My basketball players are constantly getting cuts on their inner knuckles' lunes. It's a difficult spot to heal and a difficult location to put a band-aid.

Kenneth Norman

Verified purchase

I like that it goes on white and dries clear, so you can see when it's dry. I don't like that it takes a bit longer to dry than other similar products I've tried...but it's still only a minute or two. It does, however, appear to last longer than others I've tested. This seems like it could also aid with healing.


Valerie Killeen

Verified purchase

It forms a seal over cuts and lasts longer than bandages. A bandage would fall off if it was wet several times, but this one does not. It has a tiny sting on raw skin, but it is tolerable. Overall, I recommend that everyone keep a bottle on hand for those tight/hard spots where band-aids are needed.


Lisa Reddington

Verified purchase

The advantages of a regular liquid bandage without the use of medicines or alcohol. I like how transparent it is because it gives me a peaceful feeling when I apply it to my cut.


Ginger Albert

Verified purchase

I was overjoyed to discover this. Because I am allergic to latex, I avoid using bandages, especially if they will be visible. This is great for paper cuts, scratches, and other minor injuries. It doesn't sting or leave a sticky residue. This has made me very happy.